Battling Senioritis

I am a very dedicated student who is usually on top of my work and gets things done no problem. However, now that I am entering the middle of my second semester of senior year, I am starting to experience what some call “senioritis”, which basically is the idea that seniors have less academic focus and priority when they reach the closing months of their school year. I do not necessarily want to lose focus in school, but with the finish line not so far away, continuing to excel academically is going to be tough.

I just missed three days of school with the flu, which was not only a rough experience, but I lost a lot of academic touch with being out of school. This was not the type of sickness in which I could still do work at home, but the kind of flu in which it hurts to move and talk. So basically, I could not do work for three days, so I lost a lot of my academic motivation, and I’m sure I have fallen behind on a few of my assignments. It would normally be easy for me to regain concentration, but being a senior, it is now hard for me to get my head back in the game.

I think senioritis stems from students having this “check out” period following seven high school semesters. That 8th semester seems to be too heavy for a student, and is a drag to get through. Honestly, I think the nicer weather and upcoming schedule are unfortunately taking students’ minds off work, and instead are causing them to focus on non-academic activities. Senioritis is real, dangerous, and contagious.


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