All the pets I have had

  1. A turtle: The first pet I had was a turtle and he’s name was Sammy. He lived in a tank on our living room table.  My family and I thought that he was unhappy so one day we set him free. In a creek right beside my aunts. Before we let him go, my cousin and I drew an s on his shell with red nail polish. After that day we never saw Sammy again but we new he was happier.
  2. Two Lizards: In 4th or 3rd grade our class pets were lizards and I took two home. They just like my turtle lived in a cage on my living room table. They lived a simple life that consisted of eating crickets and peeing.
  3. Fish: I’ve had five fish. Once my family  put two male fish of the same kind together. They started to get into each others faces and puffing out their sides. We had to get two separate bowls for them .
  4. A dog: My family adopted our dog form North Shore Animal League.  We named him Smitty after a guy on the panthers, since he’s from South Carolina.

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