A Look Into The Past

As mankind progressed through time we always gazed at the stars. This started with gazing at the stars. This would later progress to Galileo Galilei staring at our sun, and later lead to other well known astronomers and physicists to study the astronomical bodies that we are surrounded by. It started with our eyes, which led to telescopes, later it would be observatories that could be large as a city block and finally space telescopes.

The first of it’s kind was the Hubble Space telescope. It started its job in 1990, 26 years later it stares at stars and planets that are light years away. It has helped us picture things we couldn’t imagine, being able to see a planet from, nebulae that are now background images on computers. Now we have a new telescope, the James Webb Telescope. Named after James E. Webb, the second administrator of  NASA. This telescope will see farther than anything mankind has seen, it may see objects so far that at light speed we have only seen their creation now when in fact it was formed at the same time our planet had life flourishing on it for the first time.


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