Writer’s Block

It’s so annoying. I’m usually never at a loss for words so when I experience writer’s block I get really frustrated. I am the type of person who loves to put my thoughts on paper because even if I don’t know what I’m feeling, I will eventually get it out of me by just writing. Here are some ways I have let my mind flow when I felt like it was empty:

1. Looking up prompts and when one jumps out at you, immediately start writing down whatever comes to your mind.

2. Sometimes when I feel like I have too much in my mind and need to write it all out before I forget or don’t know how to start, I feel like its easier to write without punctuation and then go back later to accentuate certain things.

3. Write at a time you feel inspired. Don’t force it. That would always frustrate me more. And on the subject of frustration, you can’t expect that the first thing you write is going to be perfect. Let it be bad and work on it later. You are never finished with a piece so you have to let your piece breathe.

4. Just write. Spending too much time thinking about writing doesn’t help at all if you aren’t actually doing it. Just write anything.


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