In-Flight Essentials

Whenever I fly, I always make sure my carry on bag is fully stocked with everything I need. There are numerous things one should ALWAYS have woth them when they’re about to be on a long flight. I have mastered the perfect checklist (for myself) for what to bring in your bag. Keep in mind everyone needs different items, but for myslf these are teh necesities.

  1. First thing you need is a bag. I always use a big tote so I can fit lots into it.
  2. Pack a book or magazine, when you’re waiting for take off or landing it’s nice to just browse through these when you can’t watch tv.
  3. A little make up/toiletries bag. In this I only bring a few items; vaseline, a mini mascara, lipgloss, hand lotion, floss, and ear plugs.
  4. Next is all the documents you need, so there’s your passport and boarding pass, which I always keep together.
  5. Then there’s your wallet, keys, and ipad. These stay together as well, I usually put my keys in my wallet as well.
  6. Always bring a pack of gum and buy a water bottle after security!!!!! This way you feel much more hydrated.
  7. Headphones are also an obvious item to bring, and I also put these in a pouch with my chargers so they don’t get tangled or smooshed with other times.
  8. Lastly, always bring a large scarf or a cardigan, it will help when it gets cold.

These are all the items I bring, and sometimes I add a few extra things, like snacks, and sometimes I don’t. Either way this is a list of what I pack and what works very well for me.


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