Libertarians believe that libertarianism acknowledges human nature rather than the idea of creating a “perfect” society through laws. Rather than letting the government regulate everything, they let individuals do as they please; as long as they do not violate anyone’s else’s rights. Justice states, “If the libertarian theory of rights is correct, then many activities of the modern state… is compatible with the libertarian theory of rights. Any states that does this is morally unjustified”(60). Meaning Libertarianism goes against paternalist legislations, moral legislations, and taxing from rich to poor. They believe that people have the right to decide what to do with their money, if or if not they want to give it away to the poor. Libertarians strongly support legalization of drugs, even condone it, because individual liberty is more important than safe schools and a safe community. They remove government regulations so these lobbyists, big businesses and wealthy people don’t even have to buy off politicians. They’ll have a deregulated nation to do whatever they want, whenever they want with only the “power of consumerism” to keep them in check.

I believe that libertarianism is difficult to accomplish because humans are social species and therefore need structure. In my opinion,  humans are not wired for Libertarianism, and the philosophy does not make sense with my understanding of the human condition. If you read anything about human decision making, it is highly irrational. When given unlimited choices, humans suffer from the indecisiveness of choice.  In the face of unlimited choice humans freeze, become anxious, and indecisive.  We just don’t know what in the hell to do with ourselves. Moreover, one cannot trust that every single human can moderate their own behavior. It assumes people are basically good. This is a nice thought but sadly not a fact. Some people can make few decisions that will harm others, as for some people can make many decisions that will harm others. We tend to always debunk the government but truly it protects the good from the bad to an extent.

I found libertarianism somewhat cold-hearted. One of their arguments is that regulations about safety for cars are not needed because companies will just be forced to make safer cars. This made me think back to all the people that died in the gas tanks explosions caused by Ford. People who died because of unregulated companies. Another one is the EPA and FDA. We’re sure companies would keep to these same strict standards of waste disposal and safe food handling, right?  You really believe big businesses would act ethically with how they dispose, or handle, harmful chemicals or toxins?  Right.  These companies would pollute our environment in whichever way was cheapest for them.

If libertarianism became what everyone went by we would have to go back to creating tiny groups, tribes. Surviving without a government would require us to find protection and become predators. Things like child abuse, mental illness, and refugees would have no services. I wonder If Libertarians considered the blind and deaf, impaired people and the children of these people. In their argument in “No Redistribution of Income or Wealth”, it is stated, “Desirable though it may be for the affluent to support the less fortunate – by subsidizing their health care or housing or education – such help should be left up to the individual to undertake, not mandated by the government” (61).  If Libertarians take away government, they take away healthcare since it is regarded as a positive right, a right to be given certain treatment. This is terrifying because America is lacking affordable healthcare. Regardless of the 50 million Americans who don’t even have it, many people who are insured are still put into debt because of certain insurance requirements. Not only do they get physically sick, but financially too.

Libertarianism philosophy may value very strictly the rights of an individual but their logic and way of approaching situation does not take in mind people that already lack so much and that survive because of the government.


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