Social Media

Social Media plays such a huge role in our society. We think if something is on social media it is automatically ok to post it or say it. People think it is ok to bully on social media because they are just hiding behind a screen, so no one knows who they are.

Anything you post on social media is on their forever. Even if you think you delete it, it is automatically gone, it’s not! You have to be extremely careful on what you post on social media because it stays with you forever.

Social Media is a powerful yet a very dangerous thing. Powerful in a the way where you can promote good things such as bringing something bad happening attention so the people could make a change. Bad in the way of cyber bullying and inappropriate things being posted.

Social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, PHHHOTO, and many more are people’s way of thinking they could say or do whatever they don’t in real life. Everyone is so focused on social media, people have forgotten how to actually speak to each other.


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