2 Sides About Life

There are two people somewhere in the same room, same area. One is just sitting bored or tired. Chin resting on fist. The other one is up and dancing, smiling. Their emotions and personalities appear quite opposite from each other. One pessimistic the other optimistic, searches for the positives in a negative world. One has given up the other wants to be able to finally see the light. People have said that “Change starts with you, only you can really change how you live your life and you have to be able to want to change in order to make change happen.” The pessimistic knows those people have a point but doesn’t care enough to want to change or is just really stubborn. The optimistic knows that good things can eventually happen and that’s why that person continues to deal with the struggles life brings. 

What are your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, on life and the struggles it can generate? What kind of person are you? Have you changed? Do you want to?



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