The Most Important Albums To Me

Recently, I’ve been trying to look back at what albums meant the most to me. Which one’s influenced the way I listen and play music. So here are some of the albums that I don’t think I could live without

Is This It-The Strokes

This album acted as a gateway drug for me into good music, when I got into The Strokes I learned about bands like The Velvet Underground, Arctic Monkeys, and so much more. Without this album many of the influences that I have now I wouldn’t have learned about.

Led Zeppelin I- Led Zeppelin

I discovered this album just as I began to play guitar, it very quickly became an important benchmark for me. After hearing this album, all I wanted to do was play like Jimmy Page. This made me take playing guitar more seriously than I had prior to hearing it, making me a much better musician.

…Like Clockwork- Queens of the Stone Age

This album is hands down my favorite album. This album means so much to me musically and emotionally. Josh Homme’s beautiful lyrics and complicated music makes this album nothing short of a masterpiec


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