Konichiwa! JAPAN!

This Summer I am going to Japan with my family for vacation. I guess I’m kind of excited the more I think about it. I’m probably going to be there for about a week. I wonder what it’s going to be like, depending on the part of Japan I’m going to. I don’t know if I’m going to any big cities like Tokyo, or Osaka, or Hiroshima. But I am pretty sure my parents are going to pick Tokyo, just because it’s very popular. I also think that because Tokyo is just the most popular city that most people think of when Japan comes to their mind.

I really look forward to eating the food in Japan because that’s the main source of Japanese food! I’m also very curious in seeing any martial art schools there (Karate mainly) if I ever see one around me. I want to see how their dojo looks, the kind of people that train there, and how they train. Another thing I look forward to is to see how the young people around my age are like over there. Especially the girls, if you know what I’m saying haha. Well this is only if I meet and talk to any young people there like me. I also wonder how it’ll sound like when I hear many Japanese people talking in Japanese. I say this because I think that the Japanese language sounds really cool.!

When I get to Japan, where ever in Japan, the thing I’ll be looking forward to the most will probably be the food. I would also like to play some basketball with anybody that I may see in a basketball court if I see one. I want to show them my skills. American Chinese Basketball lol.


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