There will always be another party

I was a little skeptical about writing this piece,Frankly I was scared of the negative feedback I would get, but I figured I would take on the responsibility of writing something so controversial and hope for the best. Growing up and living in New York City exposes you to a lot of things other people don’t have the privilege of doing or seeing. On the negative side, It also exposes you to the drug and alcohol culture that has entranced the youth.

I grew up in a very sheltered environment, and after entering high school I succumbed to this new culture that surrounded me. For a lack of a better word, it captivated me. This new world turned me into a completely new person. I thought it was fun, I really did. At least, as far as I could remember, and based on what other people told me about my own misadventures, it sounded like a good time. Often enough, I would have nights where I couldn’t recall how I got home, who I was with, or what I did. I genuinely thought this was the definition of unadulturated fun. I couldn’t be more wrong.

This was not fun. This was no where near fun. It was dangerous, it was anarchy, it was illegal! It became a problem. Not just my problem, it became my friends problem and most importantly my families problem. You don’t realize how much you’ve changed until someone has to tell you.

You can feel like you’re missing out, but in my opinion There will always be another party. There will always be that one thing you wish you didn’t miss, but know that you were better off without it.


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