the future

I am so excited for the future. I am excited to leave for college and meet new people who have new things to say. And I’m excited to learn about things I care about and have never learned about before. A lot of people freak out because they’re scared of what is coming next for them . But it’s going to happen anyways so you night as well embrace what is coming for you.

There are so many things I haven’t learned about yet, and even the thought of being able to study these things makes me so happy. In high school, it feels like you are learning the same things over and over again every year. It feels so monotonous and makes me so agitated. I feel almost insulted that I am forced to learn these things! But knowing that soon I can leave and start over and meet crazy people and be educated just makes me so happy, and it gets me through every day.  I feel like I have such high expectations for what life holds and maybe I will be disappointed, but right now it’s what is getting me to the end of high school.

It’s not like I hate everyone around me and I want to run away from them. It’s just that I want something fresh and new. I want something that will make me so happy it makes me crazy. I want to know everything out there, and even though that is impossible, I can at least try.


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