Stuff I hate about the Subway

  1. When you’re trying to enter the train and there’s people standing at the door, refusing to move in.
  2. When people are eating smelly food (example: fried fish sandwich)
  3. When people squeeze themselves onto half seats
  4. I hate it when theres a homeless person on the train  and people sit there, and hold there noses and try to make eye contact with others. Like they want you to commiserate with you. We all know it smells and if you can’t stand the smell got to another cart.
  5. When someone leaves trash on the floor or the seat
  6. When people put there backs on the seat next to them while there on a very crowded train.
  7. I hate in when people are playing music without headphones, especially when its sucky music.
  8. When your on a local train and it then says “this train is now going express”
  9. When your on the train and it decides to skip over 2 stops but one of those stops is yours.
  10. When their are middle schooler’s  on the train and they  repeatedly watch the same viral video. And then laugh and talk obnoxiously for the rest of train ride.
  11. When people lean their whole bodies against the pole. And the absolute worse is when your already holding on to it and they go ahead and do it anyway.
  12. Last but not least when a train is already stuffed to the max and someone tries to shove themselves in. The door then opens and closes 5 times because their backpack is still sticking out.

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