New York City’s Sweet Treats

Matthew Viera



I just came back from buying delicious dessert’s from Empire Cake on 15th & 8th Avenue right near LAB.  Everyone should know about this bake shop and if you don’t you should.  Many of the desserts on display are a throw back from years ago with a kicked up modern version.  They have snowballs just like the Hostess company used to make (maybe they still do) but larger and much creamier, they have Twix bars similar to the candy bar but also larger with more chocolate, cookie crust and loads of caramel.  The lemon bars are tart, tangy, sweet and a must try.  The black and white cookies come in three sizes and have loads of white and dark chocolate with a cake underneath that is light and airy.  These are just to name a few. If you’re a chocolate chip cookie person I would recommend Jacques Torres Chocolate Company for probably the best chocolate chip cookies around.  At $3.25 for a very large cookie you will be eating chunks of dark chocolate that doesn’t taste bitter with each bite.  The cookies have just enough crispiness on the outside and are soft enough on the inside.  Jacques Torres has multiple locations around the city but the main location where the baking is done is downtown on 350 Hudson Street.  The cookies along with the other products can be shipped anywhere. There you can find the complete selection of cookies and chocolates and if you come at the right time you can even watch them making the products.  After a brief closing Crumbs Cupcakes is back on the scene after being bought by a big company.  There cupcakes are still as good as even, large with lots of varieties to choose from.  They make a big awesome cupcake for birthday’s or special occasions that you have to pre order and it’s fun and delicious.  My favorite cupcake flavor is called Birthday cake.   I saved the best for last, in my opinion anyway.  It’s Serendipity 3 Restaurant on 225 East 60th Street.  This place has not only food but  some of the best desserts around especially the homemade ice creams and the frozen hot chocolate.  Everything is huge in size and can be shared for sure.  They have really fun names for their desserts and if you can believe this, they have a dessert for $1000 called the Golden Opulence Sundae which has to be pre ordered two days in advance. It’s covered in 23 carat gold leaf and they use the world’s rarest chocolate.  It even made the Guinness World Book of Records.   These are a few of my Sweet Treat picks.  I hope you get to go to one or all of them.


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