New frontier

We live in a new age of mankind. We are as some have said, “ Born too late to explore the Earth and born too early to explore the Galaxy/Universe”. Currently we are in as some refer the SOL system, and we have just began exploring outside of our planet and have seen these beautiful things. We have only gone as far as sending a man made object outside of our solar system that isn’t even close to achieving a near to light speed. But seeing images like these is what helps create a passion for people who want to help push into the next frontier. These nebulae’s these galaxies are the new frontier, we don’t need: a manifest destiny, a era of enlightenment, or anything close to them. All we need is to shift our mindset, how is it logical to point weapons at each other that could shatter the planet when we can spend the money and effort to physically see with our eyes these wonders.






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