Japan Week

Japan Week is finally again coming to Grand Central Terminal for yet another great year. This year, discover Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku, home to natural and man-made wonders. Japan Week will take place March 10 (1pm-9pm), March 11 (9am-8pm) and March 12 (10am-7pm) and is sponsored by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). There will be many exhibitions happening to let one explore the wonders on Japan present right in the heart of NYC. Some examples include shopping at Mitsuwa Marketplace for your daily Japan Goodies, eating at Kaiten Sushi which serves conveyer belt sushi with an endless variety of sushi to meet your tastebuds and Santouka  which serves Ramen. Finally to wrap it all up, go to ROYCE’ Chocolate to get yourself a range of carefully crafted chocolates for a delectable dessert to end your day at Japan week.

For more information on exhibitions and Japan week visit the official homepage of Japan Week at http://japanweek.us/.


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