How tourist see NYC VS. How I see NYC

Tourist see NYC as a super extravagant place with tons of lights and cool stuff to do. Its super fun and if you live there you’re the luckiest person alive. There is so much to see and do. So many photos to take to put on their international blogs to brag to all their friends that they were chilling in “The city that never sleeps”. Along with this their blowing all their money because they don’t know how much NYC rips you off and all because they have nothing better to do. That’s how tourist interpret it in my opinion. Me, not so much. Although NYC has a lot of more opportunities for success than most places in the world, its kind of a pile of shit. Times Square seems really cool looking up at all the billboards in lights on top of all the fun stuff you can do. But in reality, there’s always that one grimy homeless guy, taking a shit in the corner of a dirty subway station. Plus, all these fun tourist attractions totally rip you off. The foreign tourist don’t necessarily see it that way because they can’t compare it to other U.S. price tags. So when they see, “Travel to the top of the Empire State Building for $50 per person”, they are thinking, “Wow! What a great deal! Lets have my whole family (4 people total) all go up there and, yep you guessed it, TAKE PICTURES!!!! I feel bad that they don’t see it like I do, because they could be saved from losing money and annoying me when I’m just trying to get somewhere. All in all, NYC is a fun place to live, but it makes me mad sometimes. Its a pile of shit, but its MY pile of shit.


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