Face Mapping Your Pimples

Upper Forehead

The pimples you get here are linked to your digestive system. When your body has trouble breaking down some foods, there may be a large build-up of toxins. Advice: Eat more antioxidant rich foods or drinks such as green tea, lemon water, and berries.

Lower Forehead

This part of your body is associated with the mind and spirit. The pimples you get here may be because of irregular sleeping patterns, stress, depression, or bad blood circulation. Advice: Sleep early, relax your mind by taking a long bath, watch your favorite movie, do some meditation, or go on a spa day. Take some yoga if you have the chance! It certainly relaxes me.


The pimples here may be because of blood pressure or stress. Advice: Relax. Take some time to do what you love. Take some of the advice written for the lower forehead.


A breakout between your eyebrows may be due to a high-fat diet or consumption of alcohol. Advice: You know what to do. If you drink alcohol or eat a lot of foods high in fat, tone it down. However, there are some high-fat foods that are surprisingly good for you. Visit: https://authoritynutrition.com/10-super-healthy-high-fat-foods/


This means you’re not taking care of your kidneys. You’re either not drinking enough water or you’re consuming too much salt and caffeine. Advice: Do the opposite.

Right Side Cheek

This part is associated with the lungs. Pimples on your right side of the cheek may be due to allergies, respiratory stress, or smoking. Advice: Take care of your respiratory system. Try to stop smoking, if you do already, or stay away from smoking areas.

Mouth & Center of Chin

This part of the body is linked with the stomach and small intestine. Pimples around this area may be due to eating a lot of fast food or constipation. Advice: Eat more fresh foods with high fibers such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods.

Sides of Chin

This part of the body is linked with your reproductive organs and your kidneys. Pimples in this area may be due to the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance, or an overwork of the kidneys. Advice: Relax so that you won’t overwork your kidneys.

Here’s the video where I got all of this information that I wanted to pass along:




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