A Super Tuesday for the Clinton and Trump campaigns.

By now, we’ve probably all seen the results from last week’s Super Tuesday. While Super Tuesday may be my favorite day that sadly only occurs every four years, its probably not yours so I’ll define it for you. Super Tuesday is a single day when many caucuses and primaries occur, 11 for the Republicans and 12 for the Democrats. This means candidates can greatly up their delegate count in a single day. Super Tuesday results were as predicted with Hillary Clinton securing the most on the Democrat side and Donald Drumpf… I mean Donald Trump (see what I did there John Oliver fans) securing the most delegates on the Republican side. Something interesting and something I definitely didn’t expect occurred in Super Tuesday’s aftermath. Ben Carson dropped out. While Carson had not been doing so well since the first caucus in Iowa, earlier this year he was doing well in the polls with some suggesting he could be the Republican front runner. What does Carson’s dropping out mean for the Republican party? Right now, nothing but we will see.


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