111 Days Left !!


There is 111 days until I am stress free and living my life.

When I get to camp, I am free. I am free from grades, stress, and from the city. I live a different life in the summer. The culture, the people, the daily routines, the food (which is gross), the activities, all of it is different. Camp is an experience that is invaluable to me. It is my everything. I can’t describe what its like, but imagine laying in a beach chair, with your best friend, in the middle of a grass field, watching the stars, at 10:30 at night. That is what it feels like to be at camp. To watch as each shooting star passed by, and to get that rush of pure excitement and joy, and to feel at peace and to just enjoy living in the present, and to soak up every good feeling possible. This is how I feel every day in the summer.

The culture and the people make camp truly special. I mean, how many places do you go where you sing songs and chants at ever meal? At home, I wouldn’t dare sing in front of 150 people, but at camp I do it almost every day. There is no judgement at camp. It is purely a positive and supportive environment.

I wake up every morning in the summer with energy. Weird right? I go for 6:00AM runs, and 6:30AM Ab workouts. I even did some 5:30AM workouts last summer and watched the sun rise in front of my eyes. I woke my campers up by dancing around and playing music. I looked around and saw smiling faces waking up. (Okay, I know a lot of you would not enjoy that, but lets remember my campers are 10 years old.)

Camp has been my home away from home since I was 8 years old, and I can’t wait to go back for my last summer as a CIT.


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