Why do I have stress lines, I’m 16!

Okay, so Lab. Lately I’ve been feeling a little stressed out.  This week has been hectic. Last night I was really on the verge of a breakdown. Let me tell you why. I had homework for every subject which isn’t uncommon but, I also had ACT prep as well as a physics and Spanish test to study for. I mean how much can a 16 year old take. How are we expected to maintain good grades, get 8+ hours of sleep, eat well and stay healthy, and find time to do the things we love. It doesn’t make any sense. I shouldn’t be having to sleep at 1 am because I was up studying for a test that I’m too stressed to even focus on. I know this is a rant but I’m really mad at this point. I know that junior year is suppose to be difficult but this is another level crazy. Oh and one more thing. I hate how some weeks we have 2-3 assignments a day which is completely manageable but other weeks we have 5 assignments and tests and quizzes on the same day. So please fellow lobbies if you are experiencing the same thing I am SPEAK OUT. Email Brooke email everyone. Take a stance. Stop this from happening. We shouldn’t be having 2 tests/quizzes in one day so stand up for yourself and save yourself the late night study sessions.


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