Why am I Blogging?

Well, I guess I’m blogging because it’s an elective class I’m taking in high school. TBH (To be Honest, for those who don’t know what TBH means) I have never heard of the word “blog” or “blogging.” I didn’t know what it was. Until recently, I read a book in english class named “Americanah,” written by the author, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, and had read that she has blogged in her past. However, I didnt know what the word meant itself. So before I decided to start this post, I searched up what blogging meant. It’s really to just write whatever it is that you are thinking in your mind. Something you want to put out so you can express the way you feel or think about something, and not have to feel embarrassed or nervous to put it out in public on the internet because the people who read your post don’t know who you are.

So anyways, I thought I would just write about why I’m starting to blog as my very first blog ever.


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