My Own Inspirational Quotes

  • “Although tensions collide, I still presume to fly”
  • “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”
  • “The greatest road block is the road not traveled”
  • “Your legacy is what you let us see”
  • “Be the charm and saving grace, avenge the ones that got away”
  • “Don’t be a villain, be a prodigy”
  • “I am my own king”
  • “I’m heating the convention like a reckless infection”
  • “What they say may be definitive, but its how you respond that defines you”
  • “Lessons are learned through the repetition of mistakes”
  • “Water running down your back is the reminder to wash away your fears”
  • “Aggression may seem scary, but its the passion that stands alone”
  • “Don’t give into pressure, give them hope”

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