School Stress

Statistics show that 87% of students in high school are stressed. School stress is not from just the work we get in school but also the constant need of students wanting to fit in and be part of some “social group.”

High School kids always want to fit in. They hate being left out or not with people. Student have such a huge workload. Some parents and teachers do not get it. It is hard for a student to have their brain flip a switch every 45 minutes to a new topic with a 3-minute break to relax. Teachers think it is easy but the truth is that it is easy for the teachers because they teach the same thing all the same and at leat 3 times a day.

Students do need a break. But when we do get back from a school break, teachers think it is ok to pile everything on them. Us, Kids, are just as stressed as you, adults, are!


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