Fit the system!

Since 1926 the SAT has been given out to high school students across the country, categorizing students based on their scores of this test. The ACT, given since 1959, is the same way. Both standardized tests, used by college admissions offices to determine a students eligibility to attend the school.

Here’s my problem with these tests. These tests do not always determine a students intelligence. The SAT and ACT show how well a student can take a test, and to me that is in no sense fair at all. I am not a good test taker myself and this is where this argument comes from. While taking tests I tend to tense up and over stress about absolutely everything which in turn hurt me more than anything. I’m taking prep classes right now so I can prepare to take my ACT in the upcoming months and the biggest thing that I am realizing is that, I am only learning strategies on how to take a test, and I get angry every time I think about it.

A test administered to students should determine a students ABILITY to solve a problem not how quickly. Speed on these tests is based on the knowledge of how to take them, hence if you know how to take the test you will do well. It’s all about fitting the system. I know that I have to fit the system as well, and there is nothing I can do that will change this. Writing this blog won’t get my opinion on the subject very far but it’s a way for me to voice it here at least. I get angry and hate the test but what can I do? The only option;           fit the system.


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