Why Grey’s Anatomy is the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to me


If you know me well, you know that my obsession for the show, Grey’s Anatomy, is scary. Every Thursday night, you can find me in front of a TV, crying, as the producers have once again killed off another one of my favorite characters.

For 12 seasons, Shonda Rhimes has taken me on one of the longest and most emotional rollercoasters of my life. As viewers and lovers of the show, we’ve experienced heartbreak, love, happiness and especially death.

After every season, I become more confident that even I, without any medical training, could walk into an operating room and perform a surgery that’s never been seen before. Over time, we’ve watched scared, clueless interns turn into inspiring and pioneers of their surgical fields. It hasn’t been easy, but it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy if it didn’t break a couple hearts here and there.

The show has even received a People’s Choice Award and is much deserving of it. With an incredibly talented cast and writer’s backing it, it’s no wonder that it was voted the people’s “favorite TV show.”


How could a show on air for 12 seasons, still have millions and millions of passionate fans across the globe? I don’t even think I can answer that question in its entirety, but I’ll try.

The characters of Grey’s Anatomy are ones that we’ve fallen in love with, and it possesses unique story lines. The show continues to teach us lessons that can be used in our everyday lives. Grey’s Anatomy has inspired many to go into the medical field. Arguments are sparked among colleagues, family and friends. Trust me, I’ve been involved in a couple of them.

(Spoiler Alert: Do not read this paragraph if you are interested in watching the show).

One of the worst days of my life came when Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) was killed off the show. There were even petitions for Rhimes to somehow bring Derek Shepherd back from the dead. It was the death that almost made me stop watching, not only because he was beautiffull_left_column_GREYSANATOMY_Y5_GAL_041.jpgul, but because he was my most favorite and treasured character. There is no one better than him and you can best believe that I was sobbing the entire night over the way he left us. He was the world’s best neurosurgeon, dad and husband to Meredith Grey and will be terribly missed.

Strangely, I always advise people not to begin watching Grey’s Anatomy, not because it’s a bad show, but because you will get invested and attached and cry. But it’s worth it. My ultimate nightmare is having the show ending even with its bizarre twists and turns, so if you’re up for it, grab a box of tissues and get ready ’cause it’s about to be a tough ride.


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