The New Wave of Crime

Throughout our nation’s history, the United States has had multiple run ins with spikes in crime.  In the 1930’s there was a wave of organized crime with J.Edgar Hoover leading the offensive against it. In 1980’s to present day the war on drugs is rampant. Now there is a new wave of crime, as cheesy as it sounds it is cyber crime.

In this new age of crime cyber attacks are common. With a 67% rate of at least noticing one cyber crime, still many go undetected. Now it is common practice for phones to be hacked via Blue Tooth, yes the thing you use to pair your speakers and the wireless headphones to your phone. Recently a hospital was hacked and held at ransom. Surprisingly enough a mediocre hacking group could do this to clinics and hospitals. This is possible because of bad protocols to clicking on an add while on break. Sadly with an increase in smart tech this can have adverse effects, such as controlling an iv drip or the temperature for the central air. We now live in a world where every part of our personal information is stolen and sold to the highest bidder or used to analyze us and victimize us more. Given this we need to be more aware.


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