The Lux Series-Simply Maddening

Think of every YA novel you read. Have you ever noticed a pattern? No? Are you sure? Well then let me help you there.

Lack of parents

Apparently all young adults don’t even know what a normal happy family is. Either dead, negligent or clueless, and single parent is the norm.. well no wonder teen depression is a thing.

Beauty Blind

No one likes a heroine who complains about how hideous and repulsive she is when she’s actually gorgeous. Despite those close to her telling her she’s beautiful, she will insist she is ugly. That is, until the Love Interest comes along and she is shocked that he is attracted to her. Suddenly she feels beautiful ! *eye roll*

Love at first eye contact : You know how it is. Boy sees girl. Girl see boy. BOOM. Instant connection. They would die to be together! Doesn’t matter if they just met.

Mr. Tall, Dark, and Perfect: Not only is the love interest of our protagonist super-model hot, but he’s also perfect. Apparently that’s the norm so.. why cant I find him? Oh right, because I’m not a fictional character.

The Broody Bad Boy: Pretty similar to the cliche above except that he is also super-model hot except he is tragically flawed. He has a dark, secretive past and is no good for the heroine. But she pines after him because she is inexplicably drawn to his irritable, brooding personality. Always seemingly angry at the world and yet keeps a cool reputation.

The irresistible guy who’s a complete a-hole (but that six-pack though): This guy is a complete asshat to everyone around him and gets on the very last nerve of the female lead. He has fan-girls and fanboys who often admire from afar. But he might as well be a Greek god due to his six pack abs, beautiful, majestic eyes, and curly Fabio hair. He’s such a piece of shit but she just can’t resist. So of course this god-like creature is usually…

The werewolf and the vampire and the alien: Because clearly guys like this can’t be human.

 She goes through a transformation: Yes character change can be a wonderful thing that leave the reader satisfied and brings an ending to the story. The problem is the popular girl or transformed into the love interest’s species.

( I’m looking at you Twighlight)



One comment

  1. jenncsite · March 1, 2016

    I absolutely loved and agreed with this post! You’re right about the clichés in every way but I felt they were kind of cheeky and cute at some moments. Great review, looking forward to reading the last book in the series with you.


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