The lab under the Hill

Now that you know what is a Squid Puncher, I will tell you how I joined the Lab of Squid Punchers. I found the Lab of Squid Punchers when I was 15, under the heart of a downpour. The building is a three floor tall building with a large base and a court attached to the base. I can not show you the building but it was a sight to see, the building seemed to appear out of the water and did not come out of the ground. My friend Rin had told me about the lab and told me to join if I found the lab, so I went into the building.

In the court, I saw a group of kids, digging a hole, which would later be a pool to tame future squids. I walked up to the kids to ask about joining up, when I saw Rin, she was talking to the leader who I will call, Donald. I slowly walked up to her, but she saw me and introduced me as the newest member. That was how I joined the Squid Punchers.

Now it’s your turn, for those who want to join the Lab of the Squid Punchers, here is some advice Rin gave me to find the Lab. The lab is not a normal building, you can not just find it in plain sight, work hard and search under a hill, during a rain storm and you may find the Lab of the Squid Punchers. There, I can not tell you more. Find the LSP and you will become a Squid Puncher. Good luck, young Squid Punchers.



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