The day before Monday

You slept in, or you woke up early because you’re an early bird. Either way it’s your last full day before school starts again. There are so many ways you can enjoy and take advantage of this day of freedom, but you can also completely veg out and just enjoy being lazy for this one day.

A lazy Sunday in my life includes lying in bed for a good hour, looking through facebook, instagram, watching some youtube, and maybe watching whatever movie I didn’t finish a few hours ago, but when I feel my stomache craving some food I know it’s time for my Sunday breakfast. As an oatmeal lover it’s usually my go to breakfats on sunfay, but since I have so much time and freedom I make sure to make it good. I add frozen berries banana, peanut butter, and coconut flakes. The whole thing makes my morning that much better.

The rest of my Sunday is completely relaxed. I watch more tv, I chat with my family, I hang out with my sister. I text woth my friends, maybe we’ll facetime. The point is, I have no agenda, nothing needs to be done and I am completely stress free. This does change at around 6 pm. When The Sunday blues start…I’m sure many go through the same.

You’ve realised you actually have school tomorow and you need to wake up early. Yes, you most definitely had some sort of work to do. And yeah, it’s time for that Sunday shower. I hate the Sunday blues. I love Sunday mornings, yet detest the Sunday blues.

There are a few things to make your night just a litttle better, and these work for me every time. Firstly, sit down and just get your work done. Then at least you have a little best of time left latert to continue that relaxation. Clean your room, you’ll just feel so  much more accomplished after that. And one more important detail to making your sunday blues just a little better. Have a nice, well deserved dinner. Or late lunch, or whatever. Treat yourself to some good food that will make you smile and savor your last meal before your week starts. Trust me it helps.


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