Seven Different Ways to Display Your Floral Arrangements

Spring is coming! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping… And your apartment is a mess. Spring cleaning can be a drag, so why not add a bit of flower power to show your new-found love for starting anew? Everyone uses vases to display their flowers, but there are more creative and innovative ways to showcase the bright and fresh flowers spring has to offer.


1. Teacups/Teapots

Bring some cute into your life by re-purposing those teacups and teapots you thought you’desperately’ needed.

35 Vintage Teapot and Teacup Wedding Ideas |

2. Bowls

Everyone uses tall vases for their flowers, but who uses bowls? This hack allows flowers to be displayed using the most ordinary of kitchen bowls.

use wide bowls to create great floral arrangements:

DIY: arranjos “cheinhos”

3. Citrus Vase

Okay, so you want to stick to your usual vase, that’s fine! Slices of citrus fruits submerged in water can give your apartment the sophistication and pop of color it so desperately needs.

I love these orange zinnias. I'm thinking either pair them with some white hydrangeas or peonies. And for the tables- painting mason jars with an aqua color to tie in all our wedding colors!:

15 Gorgeous Flower Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind:

Fruit Centerpieces: 12 Inspiring and Colorful Fruity Centerpieces

4. Pineapple Vase

Have a pineapple lying around in your kitchen? Why not gut it and make a vessel for your flowers? Plus, you get to have a sweet, refreshing snack!

Hawaiian | Tablescape. Floral Arrangement:

5. Fish Bowl

Did the goldfish you won at the carnival recently go to goldfish heaven? If so, keeping your flowers in their fish bowl is a great idea. Keep their legacy alive.

Easy and inexpensive, fishbowls, hosta leaves and zinnias elevate a classic summer arrangement in less than five minutes.:

6. Umbrella

This is so cute! Be a rebel and ditch the floral wreaths everyone has on their door for the spring. It’s also a great way to repurpose that umbrella you bought for $20 that broke in the rain last week.

Adorable Repurposed Umbrella with floral arrangement. I have to try this!:

Adorable Repurposed Umbrellas

7. Perfume Bottle

Are you a perfume junkie? Heart hurt when you have to part with your CHANEL N3 or DAISY by MARC JACOBS bottle? Reuse the bottle as a vase for your flowers!

Gorgeous idea of using Chanel perfume bottles as vases for flowers, perfect for a Parisian themed wedding or bridal shower.:


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