Second Semester Senior

For my whole high school experience, I’ve always dreamt of being a second semester senior. As Ariana Grande writes in her song problem, “I’m thinking I love the thought of you more than I love your presence” can be used to describe how I’m feeling about second semester senior year. Apparently my school thought it would a good idea to not give any study halls where every other senior I know takes 3 classes and get’s out of school at 11:30.  I can see it in the eyes of everyone in my grade, we’re ready to leave.Not to complain or anything but, just kidding, I’m annoyed. Senoritis is real and I have many symptoms of this sickness. I’m sure I’ll be extremely sick with it once it hits April, but for now I’m just complaining.. Even though I’m ready to leave high school, my feelings are mixed when it comes to leaving the city. It’s not all bad though, I’ll share whats good next time. See you next week!


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