Grayson Allen: Duke’s dirtiest player

He drove to the basket in what has become his signature take-no-prisoners approach to the rim, hoping to draw some contact from Louisville’s center,  Chinanu Onuaku Only the contact never came, as Onuaku didn’t fall for it causing Duke’s Grayson Allen to fall to the floor.  Allen lay there, sprawled underneath the basket, Louisville’s Ray Spalding hopped over him. At the last minute, Allen stuck out his leg. The move sure seemed intentional, even if everyone would insist otherwise. Allen tripped Spalding and was whistled for a flagrant 1 foul. A Duke player. A sneaker. A dirty play. This is a very similar scenario in which a former Duke had similar actions. If Allen’s trip wasn’t quite Christian Laettner’s foot stomp to Aminu Timberlake’s chest, it was certainly close. And, of course, Allen is a white guy in a Duke uniform, the type, similar to the past white Duke players like Christian Laettner, Chris Collins, Steve Wojciechowski, J.J. Redick, Greg Paulus and Jon Scheyer.


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