Cancer Causing Foods

The word cancer petrifies many and globally millions of people become diagnosed with some type of cancer each year. Instead of being frightened of being a victim of this particular disease, one can do many things to reduce the risks of becoming diagnosed. I, no way claim that what I state would help fight or prevent cancer, but I would like to inform what foods one should avoid eating due to its cancer containing properties such as carcinogens.

Microwaved Popcorns:  The bag itself contains a chemical called PFOA that leads to infertility. It also increases the risks of liver, bladder, kidney, pancreas, and testicular cancer.

Canned Tomatoes: Any canned food applies to this issue. All canned foods are lined with a chemical called BPA, which is detrimental to health.

Non-Organic Fruits: Contains dangerous pesticides that are harmful to humans in several ways and can cause reproductive incapabilities.

Processed Meats: The list of processed meats is indeed very long, but some include hot dogs, sausages, bacon, bologna, and more. Processed meats contain chemicals and preservatives such sodium nitrate which is also known as carcinogen (cancer causing substance).

Farmed Salmon: Farm fishes are raised with unnatural diets that contain chemicals and pesticides. Studies have shown that they contain high levels of mercury, a cancer causing chemical.

Potato Chips: The chips are fried in high temperatures for a crispy texture, causing the formation of a material known as acrylamide, which is a carcinogen present in cigarettes.


GMO’s: All GMO’s are modified and grown with chemicals. Studies on rats eating GMO’s products showed the growth of precancerous cells.  

Refined Sugars: Cancer cells seem to have sweet tooth that grow rapidly when one consumes high amounts of refined sugar through their daily diet.

Artificial Sweeteners: When breaking down into the body, these sweeteners break down into dangerous toxins, causing a higher risk of cancer.

Of course, the list for cancer causing foods go on due the popularity of common food items that contain chemicals harmful to the body. Other foods to avoid would be diet anything, alcohol, soda pop, red meat, foods high in salt, pickled or smoked, hydrogenated oil, highly processed wheat flours, and many more. Changing what we consume for better alternatives is one of the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle.



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