5 Kinds of Friends As Described By Their Favorite Musician

I, like many others before me, am a person who has friends. And also like many other people, those friends tend to have a favorite musician that they like listening to. I have found that said favorite musicians explain a lot about your friends and what they’re like. While of course you can’t judge a person solely by their musical taste, certain people do like certain types of music. So without further ado, here are what a couple of those friends are like:

1. The Friend Whose Favorite Musician is David Bowie.

This is the kind of friend with a quote unquote “cool” taste in music. They can list off obscure bands from the sixties that your parents liked and are probably a musician themselves. Music is something that’s a big passion of theirs, and while sometimes you might get annoyed with how you’re taste in music may not be as “cool” as theirs, seeing how enthusiastic they get about music always brings a smile to your face.

2. The Friend Whose Favorite Musician is Somebody From Europe You’ve Never Heard Of.

It might come as a shocker to you, but this friend is from some kind of country in Western Europe. They are very proud to be from said European country, and just the way they go about life makes you think, “Huh, how European”. They have never been to McDonald’s and are proud of it. You yourself are planning on one day secretly feeding them a Chicken McNugget just to see what happens. You two are different in many ways, but those differences working together make you both more worldly as a result.

3. The Friend Whose Favorite Musician is FrnkIero And The Cellabration.

You have to Google the name of this band to make sure that this the correct spelling. You’re friend admits that the spelling of the band is pretty pretentious, but they don’t feel ashamed for liking it one bit. This friend is the kind of person who was obsessed with My Chemical Romance and cried when they broke up. They have a good sense of humor and joke all the time about the darkness that is their soul. You might not necessarily like this music yourself (and maybe the problem is that you yourself have your own pretensions you need to get over), but this friend is always hilarious to be around, and definitely not because they’re the butt of some joke about emo kids.

4. The Friend Whose Favorite Musician is Taylor Swift.

You and Taylor Swift have a complicated relationship. When you were younger you were obsessed with her, but then you went through your phase where you were to good for Taylor Swift and the rest of mainstream pop music. Then you listened to some music off of her new album and it wasn’t that bad, so you downloaded the whole entire album and rock out to it from time to time, but you try to keep your newfound appreciation for her music on the down low. But you’re friend who loves Taylor Swift has been a fan of hers since the beginning, and has stuck with her the whole entire time. They have multiple vinyls of her albums, wrote a song about her, and basically everything about them screams, “I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!” Now, while you do like her most recent album, you are nowhere near that level of… passion of the Swift, which means you and your friend are not just different in many ways, but two very different people. And yet you’re still friends with each other, which is something sweet in itself.

5. That Friend Who Wrote This Whole Entire Article While Listening to the Soundtrack for ALL the Shrek Movies.

They are perfect.


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