Want to Clear Your Acne?

DITCH YOUR PRODUCTS! I used to have a lot of acne. My whole entire forehead was covered up with pimples in middle school. It was horrible! But thank goodness that period of time has passed! I ditched all of my products and decided to go natural. I was tired of applying and purchasing products that didn’t even help. Worst of all, they were expensive.

Let me show you one of my natural face masks that I have used that helped me a lot. It’s a DIY egg white face mask that I have learned from one of my favorite You-tubers, Michelle Phan!


  • 1 egg
  • 2 bowls

(Yup that is all!)

First, you want to separate the egg white and the yolk and place them in separate bowls. Next, clean your face (make sure there you don’t have any make up). Then, you want to apply a generous amount of egg white onto your skin. You can start to wash it off when your skin feels tightened and dry. (It should feel hard to smile). Ta-da! You’re finished! 

Tip: You can refrigerate the leftover egg white and use it again next time. (There will be quite a lot left over).

Now what about the egg yolk? You can just cook the egg yolk and make an egg sandwich if you would like.

Enjoy your eggs and your mask! 😀  Remember, you’re beautiful no matter what!

– Love,






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