S’mac: My Mac N’Cheese Childhood

S’mac, located in multiple locations (mostly downtown around the East Village), was my middle school haven. It was typically my weekly indulgence, a place I’d go after school on Fridays with all my seventh grade friends. S’mac (Sarita’s Mac n Cheese) is a very small restaurant dedicated to solely Mac n’ Cheese. You choose the size you want, what kind of cheese you want (american, cheddar, even four cheeses), if you want any topics (breadcrumbs, bacon). Then, you receive your order on this small wooden platter. It was always a lot more filling than expected, and also delicious.


I revisited S’mac a few months ago after a long retirement from it. So much has changed! They no longer serve the Mac n Cheese in the wood platter, they serve it in this plastic platter. The platter is also noticeably smaller. The small size that used to be $5 was now $6.

Over time, my obsession and love for S’mac has rapidly declined. There are some detriments to eating Mac n’ Cheese weekly there, despite the fact that it was delicious. For one, the Mac n’ Cheese is notably greasy. You feel oily and bloated and generally just gross after a meal. Two, it’s just not the same as it used to be when I was like 12. It’s weird how a place I used to love is a place I no longer ever go to- but c’est la vie!

I’m sure I’ll find a S’mac replacement eventually.


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