Peanut butter

It’s creamy, chunky, sweet, salty, flavoured, or natural. Anyway you chose it, peanut butter is without doubt one of the best foods (or spreads) ever created. This blog post is dedicated to the wonderful ways peanut butter has affected my life. Whether you’re looking for something that will fill  you up or just a quick snack, it’s a handy and healthy way of adding it into numerous meals. These are a few ways YOU can add it into your life, making it more fulfilling and yummy.

  1. With apple slices, this was obviously going to be the first suggestion, seeing as it’s very common and we’ve probably all tried it when we were in elementary school. But don’t let that stop you from continuing this snack, for extra flavor or crunch add granola or honey on top!
  2. With oatmeal. If you want to add something to spice up your oatmeal and you don’t have dried cranberries or whatever berries you like, add peanut butter, TRUST ME it will change your life and you will never eat oatmeal without it again.
  3. With a blood orange. Yea, it may sound strange together, but the sour and sweetness of the blood orange drizzled with some peanut butter actually works really well together.
  4. With a chocolate bar. This one isn’t as healthy as the others, but if you’re craving chocolate and nuts, then take a square (or more) of dark chocolate and dip it into your peanut butter…..omg…my mouth just started watering.
  5. Another way of having it in an “unhealthy” way, or let’s call it another indulgence is with cookies, any cookies will taste good with peanut butter.
  6. On baked or microwaved bananas. If you bake or microwave a banana until it’s soft and warm, spread some peanut butter on it and it will taste incredible.
  7. In smoothies or shakes. This one is used in tons of places like Juice generation and Liquiteria. But instead of spending $11 on their shakes make a banana and cacao shake yoursel and add peanut butter to it.
  8. On yogurt, yea sounds weird but topped with banana and apple it’s light and sweet and tart.
  9. Lastly we have the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Something so simple yet so good.

All of these are ways you can enjoy and treat yourself with peanut butter, healthy and “unhealthy”, either way they are all amazing and I recomend everyone to trying at east 9 of these.


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