Racism will always be around. The definition of racism changes on a day to day basis. People identify others as racist because of the little stupid things they do.  Racism is not just the actions taken but certainly also the words spoken. Many people discriminate against another race dependent on one event that occurred.

Such as Black Lives Still Matter, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner were huge controversies not just in the U.S but in the world. This whole controversy strikes racism from every perspective, in my own opinion. Some people think otherwise. Some think, in both cases, it was the right thing to do but some don’t.

Racism is not just discrimination but it is also stereotypes. Some common stereotypes are:

  • All Muslims are terrorists
  • Muslims, Latinos, Arabs are security threats
  • Black People are all poor and cheap
  • All whites are stuck up and rich

These are not stereotypes that I’ve made up, it is portrayed all over the media. Most movies the Arab or Muslim is the villain. Such as in the ever most popular children;s movie, Aladdin, Jaffar is an Arab and he is the biggest villain. Even in children’s movies, Arabs or Muslims are identified as the terrorists or the villain. This is not just for Muslims, it also connects to blacks and whites in many more examples.

Racism will always be alive and present. People will always believe their race is more superior. Racism is not something that could get ridden of.


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