Future is buns

Though he’s massively talented, I don’t think that Future’s hype or critical acclaim will last. After releasing 6 projects in under a year and a half, and two weeks after the release of Purple Reign, Future dropped another studio album titled “Evol”. He’s projected to sell somewhere from 130k-200k first week. This is impressive considering most hip hop artists, with legitimate fanbases, in 2016 sell way less than half of that during their first week. So, needless to say, Future is doing well. Although it may not appear like he’s showing any signs of slowing down, I’m sure he is. He has used basically the same style for his last 7 projects and to a lot of people, it’s getting stale. A traditional Future song consists of a few things: a cloud/trap beat by Metro Boomin, Southside or TM88, a slightly melodic, constantly mumbled triplet flow, and a hook that essentially repeats the same line and/or melody a few times until it’s catchy.  It’s a great, and very original style but it’s also being run into the ground by Future over saturating the market with dozens of songs that fit this exact description. He has to switch it up or else the critics, and the masses, will lose interest.


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