Dear High School

For the past 4 years I have walked down the same hallways, sat in the same classes, seen the same people and participated in the same events and activities Lab has to offer. Throughout those years I have complained, I’ve had days where I hated Lab and I have counted down years, months and now, days until graduation. Since Freshman year I have thought about the day I will walk across the stage to receive my diploma signifying a new beginning of my life. And now its finally here.
It didn’t set in that I will be leaving everything I knew at Lab and starting over as a Freshman yet again until my first college acceptance letter. The stress of junior year, SATS and applications never sunk in and I just went with the flow never really picking a school that I reached for or even knowing what I wanted to do with my life. As college acceptances starting coming in and college visits started taking over my life I fell in love with a school. University of Colorado Boulder. I was obsessed with everything it had to offer and worked harder than I ever had for other applications writing supplements and finishing my application. When I sent in my application I knew it was going to be a reach, so I hoped for an acceptance but never expected anything. For a few months, I went along with my daily life, continuing my school work and making the best of my last few months left in NYC and at the Lab School.
As college acceptance signs started filling the senior hallway and a CU Boulder sign finally made it on my locker it hit me that after graduation I will never walk through these halls as a student anymore. I will never participate in an HIV/Aids action day again, I would no longer run around for endless hours after school producing a set for the LTC production, and we would no longer meet in the auditorium wrapping our arms around each other singing loudly in town hall meetings. I never realized this before, but I loved Lab. Moving onto the next chapter of my life has showed me all the valuable lessons I have learned here- inside and out of the classroom. The opportunities given to us at Lab are ones that are not available to other students throughout the city and even the country and even though our school is not a “traditional high school” the traditions that we carry throughout the years have shaped us all into the incredible young adults that we are now.
So now I am here to say thank you.
Thank you to my classmates. Thank you for pushing me to be the student I am and working hard alongside me for four long years. My classmates and I have been through it all. From teachers only here for a semester(Shoutout to Mr. Hamlin) to losing sports day ALMOST every year and the unconditional love we all have for each other although we don’t want to admit it sometimes.
Thank you to my teachers who really cared about us and proved it every single day when they come into school with a huge smile on their face. Thanks for joking around with us when we’re all stressed out during midterms and finals week, and watching movies and tv shows sometimes just because we need a break. Thank you for pushing us to do work even though we all complained and thank you for making my High school experience a little less painful and always being available to help us with work or even just talk.
Thank you to the square that we call a school for some of the best years of my life.
Thank you for allowing us to lap at least once without getting in trouble because sometimes we really do just need a meta moment. And Thank you to Moe for always making our days a little bit brighter with a new story or photo to share. We love you.
Class of 2016

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