Why Do We Live?

I have those days where I would ask myself “What am I doing? Why do I or anyone live? All basically relating to the big question What is the meaning of life?” 

Has anyone ever asked you: “What is the meaning of life?” If not then I’m asking you right now to take a moment and see if you can answer this question…I’ll wait…

If you were able to answer, I will tell you now that, you are most likely both wrong and right at the same time, because the meaning of life can vary from one person to another. Opinion, perspective, point of view, and belief are factors that play into one’s answer, especially when it’s an answer that has no actual dictionary definition.

Despite what you might be thinking right now, No I’m not saying that life is meaningless or pointless. It’s absolutely important. In my previous blog post I talked about time and how people everyday waste time, so now I’m talking about how and what I have learned about life, from my point of view.

Just like we should not waste time, we should not waste our lives either. You know what they say “YOLO”, You Only Live Once, and that is certainly true. Within one life one can create so many memories, new relationships, and not regret wasting away during one’s life. I’m writing about this because I was, may still be, one who didn’t really think about life and how short it can be, but I have started realizing what is valuable and I want to be able to let everyone else out there know, too.

To end this with a cheesy/corny statement:

Live, love, and enjoy your life. You only get ONE shot.




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