To be or not to be a Squid Puncher

People often wonder, how do you become a squid puncher? Well, I am here to tell you. First, to become a squid puncher, you first have to know what is a Squid Puncher. Squid Punchers are an elite class of volunteers that (like the name) punches squids. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You have to train for years, in order to obtain the skills to punch a squid. From, training you physical body to training on how to locate a squid in its natural habitat. It is only then, you are a proper Squid Puncher.

Even when you are a proper Squid Puncher, life is not easy. You have to make the choice to be a local Squid Puncher or a universal Squid Puncher. One to protect people from the squids, the other to hunt down the mythical squids. I was a universal Squid Puncher and the job was not easy. After 30 years of hunting, I have only found 4 squids.

When people hear about my legendary Kraken punch, people often believe that, they can also take on the mythical monsters of the past, but they are forgetting the team, I lost, attacking the Kraken. From a team of 20 to just me. I still grief on their deaths. I will tell you, when you meet a squid respect it and protect your teammates, for you can never replace them. Collaborate and Punch.

Now I am just a retired Squid Puncher, blogging to teach volunteers the ways of the Squid Puncher. Remember, Squid Punching is a dangerous job.

By Justin


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