My take on Super Bowl 50

Ok, Super Bowl 50 was not a really big salad or had soup in it. The Super Bowl is a legend, wait for it, DARY football game that occurs once a year in the National Football League. In the past there have been some very interesting Super Bowls: Super Bowl III, Super Bowl XLIX, Super Bowl XLV, Super Bowl XLIV, and so many more. But this year, it was ok overall. The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10! And everyone said Cam Newton was gonna dab on Peyton’s life after they dropped a 50 burger on their lives. GAS!!!! Newton choked and pooped his pants the whole game!! UGGGG I wanted to see more dabs, but Peyton deserved to win the title more because 1. Von Miller is a beast and 2. It’s probably Peyton’s last Super Bowl. Plus, Peyton finally go that second title he has been looking for since I was in diapers, I think. I  still felt bad for Cam though. I like him because I think his dance moves are hilarious. But its ok that he lost; he is only 26 years old and he and his team have a lot of potential. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers have what it takes to win a Super Bowl in the future; that is, if next time he doesn’t choke and poop his pants again!


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