Had Enough Ham Yet?

You can’t walk a single block in Barcelona without seeing the leg of a pig sitting in a window. The meat, jamón ibérico, delicately sliced into thin elegant pieces of ham. The black Iberian pigs all raised, slaughtered and smoked on the Iberian peninsula which is home to the countries of Spain and Portugal. Almost like the Italian equivalent of prosciutto but dryer and flavors much more intense. Every shop that sells this ham doesn’t have one or two legs of this amazing meat, but multiple walls being covered. This meat is the heart and soul of Spain and any true Spaniard would be found eating Jamón ibérico at any meal.

As a tourist it’s pretty remarkable to go there and take in the vast quantity of cured meat that is produced. Each town all across the country has this meat by the ton. How many pigs have they killed for this meat? Will it al ever be eaten? Who knows for sure but those are the kinds questions that you ask yourself as you walk the streets of Spain. And really, who does know if it will all be eaten? No one, but it’s the culture and they way of life that revolves around this meat is what is really outstanding.


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