The sound of music <3

Well, music has always been very important to me so I decided to write my very first blog post on it. I absolutely love music really more than anything, seriously anything. As cliché as this may sound, it’s true. Music completely relaxes me and puts me in such a good mood. People like my brother don’t understand why I feel the constant need to listen to music everyday, but I couldn’t imagine not listening to music every day for hours on end. Music honestly is one of the most important aspects in my life and it completely just takes my stress away. I find it really amazing how people have different reactions to music. Some people absolutely love it like  but others who don’t really care or don’t think of it as a huge part of their lives. I think Music controls me but in a good way. It keeps my mind  focused and at peace. It completely makes me feel like I’m in a different world. I’m writing this post because I honestly wish people loved music more! Music is so amazing and when appreciated you really can connect to it. Music just releases all the bad things  in your life, and once you find a type of music you love and connect to, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


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