So What Now? What’s Next?

Okay, well. I am a senior in high school and it’s already second semester senior. Time is almost up. High school is ending. I am about to leave this whole building and everyone inside behind. I guess I am excited. School has been a difficult time and most people here are not people I know well, despite being here for 7 years (middle school as well). Leaving high school is means entering the adult world. Every child dreams of becoming an adult, but I think mainly to only to be able to eat candy without parents nagging them to stop or to eat their vegetables.

In economics we presented a project of coming up with a job, learning taxes, money that goes into housing, food, debt, and so on. This project taught me so much about the adult world that many people have yet to learn. Mr Duffy has taught us well. It was all about exhibiting future necessities and understanding how the world works when you can no longer live out of our parent’s pockets. Life is hard and it is never going to become magically easier. Thinking and planning has helped us organize what we need versus what we want and what we have. There is a balance between the three of these that typically we do not learn well into adulthood. The difficulty from this project was taking into account this is reality. This is an entirely possible future to have, maybe not for yourself, but for others it is.

Reality is a hard pill to swallow, but we need to learn now because this reality is approaching quickly. Not having to pay for anything is a dream, and as a senior I’m about to wake up. I realized that I am not ready for this, or at least I think I am not. I want to grow up and become a person of my own, but I am scared of all these possibilities and not having anyone to guide me. 

From this I look back into my childhood and realized maybe I, and many others, have been trying to grow up too fast. Trying to achieve the status of being adult without understanding the importance, significance, and necessity of childhood, of being a child without worries, except for is my mom going to find out I fed my brussel sprouts to the dog.

So now what do I do. Whats going to happen next for me. I am stuck in a whirlwind of routines of coming to school, being with friends, and going home. Same work, same classes, same people, 5 days a week, 10 months a year, for the past 7 years. What will happen when I am off to college? New people, a roommate, and a completely different schedule. Professors not teachers, my own dorm without my family, having to get a job because I can no longer walk downstairs and say, “Mom can I have money for lunch”. (Meal plans give me lunch but you get the idea. Mom = Bank). College is a whole new experience, but I guess I am soon to find out in the fall. Wish me luck.


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