Best Cookie Spots in NYC

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for good cookies. Cookies are my everything. So, here’s a list of my favorite cookie places in NYC:

(to be continued & in no particular order)

-Sweet Corner Bakeshop
-Milk and Cookies
-City Cakes
-City Bakery
-Insomnia Cookies
-Koffee Cake
-Cookie Dō (don’t know if this counts, but AMAZING.)
-Dominique Ansel Bakery
-Zaro’s Bread


Theodore Levine Short Story pt. 2

On a dry, hot Utah summer dessert day. Jacob, Hillis, and I were hiking through Bryce Canyon, Utah eating melted and smooshed poptarts for breakfast, which we grabbed from the commissary vehicle.
After three hours of hiking in a 100+ degree weather, we stopped to pee off the side of a cliff–a hoodoo, really–within Bryce Canyon, just before crossing the natural footbridge connecting the natural rock formations.
A bird’s eye view of a vast sea of orange.
But Hillis stumbled over a rock and suddenly the earth crumbled from beneath him. He grabbed onto my arm and I was able to rescue him from plummeting to his death. Hillis was fine, but the narrow path that lead back to our campsite vanished–now only dust.
The three of us were now trapped on a hoodoo, 200 feet up in the air. The drop was deep and filled with thick sea of cacti. Terrified, I blew my emergency whistle repeatedly. The echo was the only response. Within an hour, we were running low on water, and we were getting dehydrated. Hillis soon fainted. Jacob and I looked at each other in panic. We started running around the plateau frantically when I tripped over a tree stump, getting up from my fall I noticed some Spanish moss on the tree, “Nature’s toilet  paper” as some hikers like to call it. This moss’s unique quality is that it packs and sticks together.
Jacob and I scrambled to take all of the moss off of the tree. Although they were thin we were able to organize the moss into three long strands that were about 15 feet long. Since (in order to pay for the trip) Jacob and I had worked in a bakery braiding challah, we thought we could make a sturdy braided tightrope to get us across. Jacob and I switched off braiding and two hours later we were finished. Jacob and I looked at each other, then back at the bag, then back at each other. We knew this was our only option.

“Bro, this is cute but how are we going to get this rope set up?” Jacob said

I looked around the hoodoo for answers, looking at my watch we had 30 minutes to make the last bus to basecamp. But the hoodoo had only a 10 foot radius, an area of 79 feet squared, an answer was not appearing.

I blew my whistle again.

Jacob started to carve a death note with a pocket knife into a bullhorn that he had picked up on a Colorado hike. I ripped it from his hands, and looked at it in glory. I carved a hole in the side and attached the tightrope. The skull was now a harpoon.

We devised a plan in order to get the unconscious Hillis across with us: Jacob held his feet, and I held his hands as I walked backwards across the rope.

I stepped back, positioning my right foot on the moss, a cloud of fear came upon me. As Hillis’ weight pulled me forward, adrenaline shot through me. I focused. for a moment I looked directly beneath me at the cacti and quickly snapped back to the rope. After 5 minutes, we made it to the center where the rope had the most slack.
As we swung through the air, a lightning bolt struck down from the clouds. The sound was roaring. Hillis’ hands and feet started to squirm. Then: “AHHHHH!” we heard. “Everything is ok!” we hushed back. Hillis kept fidgeting around, “Stay still or we are all going to die!” I screamed.
He became still. “What the heck is going on?”
Neither Jacob or I replied. I don’t remember anything else until we were all on the other side which we found a stream and hydrated ourselves. We made it. In the desert, nothing in conjunction with imagination is the best tool one can have for survival. Walking back to the visitors center of Bryce Canyon we were now at a new crossroads: Where was our bus?

Dj Khaled #1

Before I start this post and share out some cool ideas about Dj Khaled, go add his snapchat “djkhaled305”. He is always sharing out tips on life, and more specifically his keys to success.

Dj Khaled has a name and its Khaled Mohamed Khaled. He was born on November 26th, 1975, in New Orleans, Los Angeles. Because of his snapchat he is influencing and informing many people to some key life tips. He believes that everyone should eat breakfast, anything works, just something to get you going for the day. This is the most important meal of the day. Dj Khaled also has many other important things to share. So keep reading for more.

Dj Khaled

Second Semester Senior

For my whole high school experience, I’ve always dreamt of being a second semester senior. As Ariana Grande writes in her song problem, “I’m thinking I love the thought of you more than I love your presence” can be used to describe how I’m feeling about second semester senior year. Apparently my school thought it would a good idea to not give any study halls where every other senior I know takes 3 classes and get’s out of school at 11:30.  I can see it in the eyes of everyone in my grade, we’re ready to leave.Not to complain or anything but, just kidding, I’m annoyed. Senoritis is real and I have many symptoms of this sickness. I’m sure I’ll be extremely sick with it once it hits April, but for now I’m just complaining.. Even though I’m ready to leave high school, my feelings are mixed when it comes to leaving the city. It’s not all bad though, I’ll share whats good next time. See you next week!

Taylor Swift 1989 Lyrics Hidden Messages

If you’re not a hardcore “Swiftie,” you might not be aware of the extent of creativity and work that goes into Taylor Swift’s music. If you buy hard copies of her albums and look at the lyrics to each song, you will notice that certain letters are capitalized and form hidden messages (SO COOL!). I think the hidden messages in her most recent album, 1989, are probably my favorite of her hidden messages, because if you read them in order, they tell a sort of story. Here they are:

  1. “Welcome To New York”: We begin our story in New York.
  2. “Blank Space”: There once was a girl known by everyone and no one.
  3. “Style”: Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay.
  4. “Out Of The Woods”: They loved each other recklessly.
  5. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”: They paid the price.
  6. “Shake It Off”: She danced to forget him.
  7. “I Wish You Would”: He drove past her street each night.
  8. “Bad Blood”: She made friends and enemies.
  9. “Wildest Dreams”: He only saw her in his dreams.
  10. “How You Get The Girl”: Then one day he came back.
  11. “This Love”: Timing is a funny thing.
  12. “I Know Places”: And everyone was watching.
  13. “Clean”: She lost him but found herself and somehow that was everything.

There are so many other cool things happening with this album that you might not immediately realize. Like the fact that she purposely has 13 songs on it because 13 is her lucky number. Or how, the last line connects to the monologue in her music video for “I Knew You Were Trouble” on her album Red (“I Knew You Were Trouble” is about the same person that most of this album is). Yeah, I could go on for hours about this. In short, Taylor Swift is the greatest person ever, and if you’re ever bored, you should totally decode the rest of her albums because it’s so much fun (and all the hidden messages are awesome!!).

Why Steph Curry is Changing Basketball

On Saturday night Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors broke the single season record for most three pointers in a season (288). This record was set by Curry himself last season (286). With 24 games left in the season he is on track to crush his record by over 120 threes. This type of shooting has never been seen before, particularly because of his efficiency from long distance.

One statistic I found:  Steph Curry is 4-of-10 on 30+ ft shots. CLE, HOU, LAC, LAL, ATL, BOS, BRK, CHA, DAL, DEN, MIL, NOP, ORL, PHX, SAS, UTA and WAS are 4-of-119.


This article isn’t meant to convince you that Steph Curry is the best player in the NBA, because he’s not. But his style of game has never been seen before and it’s changing the way we watch, and even the way we play basketball. When I walk into the Gym to play basketball I see little kids shooting from as far as they can so they can be like Curry. Not everybody can be Curry. So why are kids trying to play like him? Perhaps it’s because his style of play is the most appealing to the eye. He is revolutionizing the game and it’s up to you whether you think it’s for better or for worse.

Newark International Airport


Happy February, babes!

It’s gotten to be a lovely, endurable type of winter weather that allows me to both be cold and hot at the very same time! Incredible!

But a few weeks ago, a college trip took me to sunny Los Angeles for a few days. The weather there was also hot and cold, but mostly hot and vaguely like how one would expect Limbo to be! Awesome! I have to admit, it was nice to finally catch some vitamin D, when I wasn’t stuck in traffic.

Now, if you’re anything like me, the very idea of getting on a plane brings on crippling waves of existential dread. Usually, walking over a bridge is enough to bring tears to my eyes. While beholding any large body of water, I feel insignificant and I can begin to feel my life slipping slowly away from me, like it does to us all. The idea of travel also makes me cry, as does Newark as a concept and a reality. So naturally, when I boarded  a plane at Newark International Airport and did a small turn over the Atlantic, I was bawling in no time. It was a good, hearty cry, filled with both the fear of leaving home and one day growing old, and the simultaneous feeling of youthful inexperience. This cry was the cry of a child and of an old woman. It was during this cry that I realized I am mortal (for the third time that week!) and that millions of people lead full lives and I probably only mean something to ten of those people.

I may look as though I am smiling in the above crying selfie, but I assure you, that is the haunted smile of an adolescent with no earthly roots and nothing motivating her to persevere. The woman behind me, however was incredibly jazzed about taking off and traveling to Los Angeles. Upon looking at the photo after taking it, her broad, happy smile only made my tears flow faster, as I realized that I may never achieve that kind of excitement as an adult.


Japchae (잡채) is a delicious Korean dish that literally means “stirred vegetables.” This dish is one of the most loved dishes in Korea. If you ever need to bring something in for a potluck, this’ll recipe will not fail you.

This dish is hard to resist with its sweet, chewy noodles, colorful stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, sweet and savory meat, and the aromatic taste of garlic and sesame. Just the description of this sounds mouth watering.

The one downside of this recipe, however, is the preparation. Everything has to be chopped and cooked well. There so many things to prep at once for this dish to be perfect. The first I made this, it took me nearly 2-3 hours to make it. But I have to say, all the sweat and blood that went into the dish was worth it. Colorful flavors of your hard work will show through in your tastebuds!


Why women hate me

  1. I’m fat
  2. I have weird hands
  3. My nose is weird
  4. I don’t have eyes
  5. I have three children in three different counties in Nevada
  6. I owe a lot of money to various Nuns and Priests
  7. I celebrated my 16th birthday at a seven year olds birthday party